• I dont understand anymore which heroes are good or bad anymore so I always switch my heroes and I dont know which heroes are good for the arena which are good for raid etc etc. I do have a decent amount of legendary heroes but dont know which of them I should play. My main hero currently is Rockno but for example I heve lady leo, medusa, Heartbraker, Santa boom and I dont know which heros would be the best for me to play

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    • As a general rule of thumb, your party should consist of: 1 tank, 1 healer, the rest should be DPS or Support/Buffers. Tanks are: Anubis, Skull Knight, DoveKeeper, Drake, Creation, MaHatma, Sasquatch, Gunslinger, Michael, Death Knight, Atlanticore, Paladin. Healers are: WallaWalla, Ghoulem, Cirrina, Druid, Pixie, Orksbane. 

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