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The Training Log is a feature introduced right after you first log into the game, including various tasks that you may do to get rewards, which includes resources like Honor Badges, consumables like Tomes, and even some Heroes. While being accessible as soon as you start the game, it takes 5 days to see and be rewarded for all of the tasks you can do. However, if you complete a task you didn't unlock yet, you will be able to claim the reward as soon as you log in when the task is then available.

Disclaimer: This page is currently under development and will take time to finish.

Tasks And Rewards[]

Day 1:[]

Day 2:[]

Day 3:[]

Day 4:[]

Day 5:[]

Total Rewards:[]

65 Work Hammer Is, 81 Work Hammer IIs, 8 Work Hammer IIIs, 1 Champion card, 1 Siren card, 15 Gelatinous Champion Essences, 13 Honor Badge Pack IIs, 70 Honor Badge Pack IIIs, 10 Shard Pack IIs, 50 Tome Is, 15 Tome IIs, 14 Tome IIIs, 35 Blessed Tome Is, 1 Rare Pet Egg, 1 Legendary Pet Egg, 10 Dungeon Entry Cards, 1 Rare Legendary Hero Card, 21 Jars of Gems (1050 Gems)