A forest warrior with limitless strength. It's unwise to let their sluggish appearance fool you. When it comes to defense, they're the scariest thing you may have ever seen.

The Treant is a Tier 1 Destructive Troop. It targets Ground units only, and has Defenses as its primary target. 

Attack Priority

Although Treants, like all Destructive Troops are supposed to attack Buildings first (usually towers), this is not the case recently. After the recent updates some break away and attack troops while Towers are still standing. This could be an anomaly or an implemented features by IGG but the jury is still out on that.


Level Skin Damage Hitpoints Hiring Cost (Mana) Upgrade Cost (Gold) Might Increase Upgrade Time
1 Treant 1 125 1,500 300 Mana.png - 8 -
2 140 2,100 360 Mana.png 7,000 Gold.png 16 3m
3 Treant 2 155 2,700 420 Mana.png 30,000 Gold.png 24 7h
4 170 3,300 480 Mana.png 50,000 Gold.png 32 1d 1h 12m
5 Treant 3 185 3,900 540 Mana.png 100,000 Gold.png 40 2d 2h 24m

Treant Design History

Treant Treant v1.2.27
Current v1.2.27 and earlier
Treant Icon Treant Icon v1.2.27
Current Icon Icon v1.2.27 and earlier

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