Aries' skill @ lvl 1 says

Damages 3 Heroes by 120% ATK, reduces their energy by 20 and disables their skills for 1 sec. Cooldown: 7 secs.

Aries' Proc disables all skills and the following talents:

Deadly Strike - 10% to deal xx dmg

Flame Guard - Deflects x% dmg taken

Heavy Blow - 10% to stun target

Life Drain - Recover x% hp after attack

Revive - Revive with x% hp

Scatter - Reduce x energy from target

Slow Down - 25% chance to slow down enemy

Self-Destruct - Deals x% dmg to nearby targets

Aries does not disable:

Berserk - Increase atk spd by x%

Blade Shell - x% chance to deflect damage

Bulwark - Increase Atk / Hp by x%

Enlighten - Earn x% more exp

Scorch - x% chance to negate all damage

Sprint - Increase move speed x%

Stone Skin - Reduces dmg taken by x%

Tenacity - Increase HP by x%

War God - Increase atk by x%

In the description, it only says Aries disables skills, and yet Aries also disables talents as well. Why? Because fundamentally, some talents are actually skills in disguise with some numbers mixed around.

For example, let's take the skill Heavy Blow. This is actually just Immortep's proc on a single target. Take Flame guard for instance. Atlanticore's skill deflects 100% damage taken. We simply change that % to a different number and we have the flameguard talent. It is actually a skill though. What really happens when flameguard activates is that the game is running the code for Atlantacore's skill.

A key rule of thumb is that Aries blocks skills that need some form of activation. Now we can understand why Aries' proc does not block skills like tenacity, wargod, berserk, etc. Those skills do not have any form of activation, so we are left with these 3.

Blade Shell - x% chance to deflect damage

Scorch - x% chance to negate all damage

Stone Skin - Reduces dmg taken by x%

Well, blade shell and scorch aren't exactly skills. There are no skills that have a percentage chance of activating to reduce or deflect damage, so we can cross those two off the list. Which leaves us with Stone Skin. WHY ON EARTH IS STONE SKIN NOT BLOCKED BY ARIES WHEN IT IS THE SAME AS A HERO SKILL?

There is actually a simple explanation for that. Stone skin is a legitimate talent, aside from Paladin's proc. While Paladin's skill has the same exact effect as stone skin, Paladin's proc does not stack with itself. However, Stone skin stacks with Pally's proc meaning stone skin is not a replica of Paladin's skill. It is actually its own talent.

Source: In-depth explanation of Aries' skill by Krikara



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