aka Thanos

  • I live in Gliese 581c
  • I was born on May 19
  • My occupation is Destroying Planets
  • I am Male
  • Orksbane2003

    I have 3 accounts which have good heroes, and im wondering which account should i give priority to?

    1st acc hero lineup: Vlad, DK, WL, HQ, Druid

    2nd acc hero lineup: PD, Tamer, DK, Druid, Triton ( dont have any other leggy )

    3rd acc hero lineup: SK, SB, Vlad, DK, Ninja ( Gonna replace him with druid probably)

    I recently got PD in my second account so i started giving it priority, but then today i just rolled skull knight on my 3rd acc. So now im completely confused. Any help is appreciated

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  • Orksbane2003

    Hey guys, im at th 11 and upgrading to 12. I am stuck at wave I mostly due to the presence of SM and PD. I am currently using a peon clover design which i modified a bit. My heroes are Vlad, DK, HQ, WL, Druid. All are 140 except vlad who is 156 now. Vlad and DK have skill 6/10 others have 5/10. My Vlad has lvl 81 inscription and WL has lvl 71 inscription. Others have lvl 61 inscriptions. So pls tell me which base design should i use for hbm I (and J if possible).

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