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Violent Goblin[]

"Deals massive damage to minions, and increases their ATK and ATK SPD. Effect is non-removable (immune to conditions from Calamity, Silence, and Stun). Goblin minions take very little damage, and any conditions ont hem will also be removed once they are attacked (they are immune to conditions from Calamity, Silence, and Stun)."

The Violent Goblin appears with 4 Harpy Queens, one on each corner around the goblin.

Screenshot 2018-02-01-17-08-35

The Goblin has the lowest health, and the Harpy Minions have a significantly higher amount.


  • Go for Harpies first
  • Have multiple damage buffing heroes
  • Have at least 1 healing hero
  • Have heroes with large amount of DPS
  • Use heroes that have minions (i.e Gunslinger, Beast Tamer, Espirita, Revenant, Trixie Treat)
  • Make sure to use ALL 9 hero slots

It is recommended to go for the Harpy's first because the Goblin can be killed from the procs of Heroes instead of directly, which saves time. Also have heroes that can increase the damage input of DPS heroes as well as minions. Whether Druid, Cupid, or another hero is used, it doesn't matter as long as the overall damage buff ends up being (at a recommended level of) 50%.