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The Watchtower is a basic defense building that attacks any invading troops. It shoots small, green arrows at enemy attackers (attack rate approximately one arrow per 1.5 second). Upgrading a Watchtower improves its damage, range, and HP. After reaching level 10, it can be upgraded into one of the following more powerful specialized tower: Arrow TowerMagic Tower, or Cannon Tower

  • Arrow Tower is an upgraded version of the level 10 Basic Tower, and it attacks single targets more rapidly with arrows. (Ground/Air).
  • Magic Towers hits up to three targets simultaneously with a burst of electric lightning (Ground/Air).
  • Cannon Towers deals splash-damage with bombs and can hit many targets simultaneously (Ground only).


Click Watch Tower and you will find 2 Icons.These Icons are Info and Level Up

Below are the following details of information regarding the Icons:

Info Levelup

  • Info - an Icons that states information and details about Watch Tower.
  • Level Up -  gives you an option to upgrade your Watch Tower in a certain levels.

After the 10th level of the Watch Tower a new Icon will come out. These icon are known as Upgrade and Garrison. Here are the details of the 2 additional Icons:

Upgrade Garrisson1

  • Upgrade - is an option to choose from 3 upgrade levels of Watch Tower. The Arrow Tower, Magic Tower and Cannon Tower.
  • Garrison - is an additional features of the upgraded tower which can add heroes to make a powerful attack impact upon the towers upgraded.

There are another Icons which you will find once you Level Up your Watchtower. These are the Cancel Icon and the Finish Icon. The details for Cancel and Finish Icons are as follows.

Cancel Finish
  • Cancel - if you want to cancel your Level Up process, you can do so by hitting this icon. It will notify you that you can only retrieve 50% of the amount you spend for the Level Up you have made.
  • Finish - is an icon where Gems are involved. If you want to finish instantly certain Level Up you have made, you can do so by spending the amount of gems shown on the top of the Finish Icon. Red number means that your gems stock is insufficient.

Upgrading Tower[]


Upgrading Tower is an option where you can upgrade your Watch Tower to 3 special types of towers. These 3 Special Towers occurs when the Watch Tower reached level 10 upgrade from its regular leveling.

Arrowupgrade Magicupgrade Cannonupgrade

This page shows when you reach level 10 of the Watch Tower giving a player another options to upgrade or switch to a certain kinds of special Tower. 3 Modified special Towers are on choice, the Arrow Tower, the Magic Tower and the Cannon Tower. Each Tower possesses ability and types of specialized attack upon defending your base.


Level Hitpoints Damage Range Level Up Cost (Gold) Level Up TimeTimer Might
1 2,700 60 13 200 Gold 10s 5
2 3,400 80 13 1,000 Gold 1m 10
3 4,100 100 14 2,000 Gold 5m 15
4 4,800 120 14 3,000 Gold 15m 20
5 5,500 140 15 7,000 Gold 30m 25
6 6,200 160 15 12,000 Gold 1h 30
7 6,900 180 16 20,000 Gold 2h 35
8 7,600 200 16 40,000 Gold 4h 40
9 8,300 220 17 60,000 Gold 8h 45
10 9,000 240 17 80,000 Gold 12h 50


Tier (Level) 1 2 3 4 5
Image Watchtower 1 Watchtower 2 Watchtower 3 Watchtower 4 Watchtower 5
Tier (Level) 6 7 8 9 10
Image Watchtower 6 Watchtower 7 Watchtower 8 Watchtower 9 Watchtower 10
Tier (Level) 11 12 13 14 15
Image Watchtower 11 File:Watchtower 12.png File:Watchtower 13.png File:Watchtower 14.png File:Watchtower 15.png